Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Young And Powerful: She The Change

Women, people of color and others not born into historically advantaged groups could be easily forgiven for becoming hardened to a world that feels hostile towards their success and even their...

Want To Attract (And Keep) The Right Clients? Try These 10 Strategies

Finding your ideal client means putting in the work to make them happy.

You Do Not Need To Have A Life-Changing Idea

The success of your startup doesn't depend on some world-altering invention. In fact, the majority of startups simply optimize an offering or find a niche in the marketplace. 

U.K. Founders Need To Focus On Building World-Class Sales Teams

Despite the dual challenges of Brexit and Covid-19, the U. K. remains one of the best places in the world to build a technology company. However, founders must learn to build...

Go With The FLOW: The Power Of Wishing Things As They Are

Can you find something to put you in a positive frame of mind rather than one of powerlessness and despair?

Why Now Is A Good Time To Start Selling On Amazon

With Amazon’s strong consumer affinity and success, it’s prime time to start your own business.

What Small Business Owners Should Know About Getting A Loan

You can’t just walk into a bank and expect to be approved for a small business loan, especially when lending conditions are tight.

3 Marketing Mistakes Holding You Back From Hitting 7 Figures

On the road from rags to riches, there are three core marketing moves you must focus on to hit that coveted seven figure mark. Once you quit making these marketing mistakes,...

Two Veteran Entrepreneurs Aspire To Clean Up America’s Polluted Lawns

Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Organic and Coulter Lewis of Sunday are both fighting America's heavy chemical use in gardens, lawns, and public spaces with their businesses.

GDP Vs. GNH: Rethinking What A Healthy Economy Means

This "renegade economist" believes that great businesses and economies could—and should—work for everyone. Read how Della Duncan is working to balance employee happiness and wellbeing with profitability.
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Breaking The Mental Health Stigma And Culture Of Silence That Still...

You just want to yell, This ain’t the Mafia with its Code of Silence! The isolation and loneliness entrepreneurs feel can lead to dark...