Saturday, September 19, 2020

What will happen when COVID-19 and the flu collide this fall?

The specter of a “twindemic” — two epidemics at the same time — looms as cold and flu season is set to start in October in the Northern Hemisphere. No one...

What we know and don’t know about wildfire smoke’s health risks

Acrid smoke continues to pollute skies in the western United States. On some recent days, the air quality in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles has been so hazardous, it’s...

What’s in Wildfire Smoke, and How Dangerous Is It?

Blazes on the West Coast are spewing a haze clear across the country. Along the way, the complex chemistry of what we inhale gets even more complex.

50 years ago, scientists were on the trail of a brain-eating amoeba

Amoebic killers — Science News, September 19, 1970 A fearsome has been recognized in recent years, produced by a one-cell organism…. Mercifully, human invasion is rare, for the invader, an amoeba,...

Rocket Lab Could Beat NASA Back to Venus in the Search for ET

After years of neglect, Earth’s other neighbor is back in the spotlight following a major discovery. A private rocket company may be the first to visit.

Seven footprints may be the oldest evidence of humans on the Arabian Peninsula

Footprints discovered at what was once a rain-fed lake in Saudi Arabia’s Nefud Desert suggest that humans on the move made a pit stop there more than 100,000 years ago.  The seven...

Underwater earthquakes’ sound waves reveal changes in ocean warming

Sound waves traveling thousands of kilometers through the ocean may help scientists monitor climate change. As greenhouse gas emissions warm the planet, the ocean is absorbing vast amounts of that heat. To...

The NIH Launches a Global Hunt for Animal-to-Human Diseases

It’s a reversal for an administration that’s been loath to prepare for pandemics or cooperate with China, where Covid-19 jumped from wildlife to people.

Want to Save the Whales? Eavesdrop on Their Calls

A clever new system called Whale Safe listens for the cetacean chorus to alert vessels to slow down, potentially preventing deadly ship strikes.

Hey Students! Here’s How to Deal With School in a Pandemic

Obviously this situation sucks for everyone, but I have a few tips to help you make the most of a bad situation. (Also, don't cheat.)
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