Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Twenty Tips For Startup Success, Part Eighteen: Be Patient When Fundraising

In my previous post, I discussed taking the slow approach when getting your business off the ground. In this installment, I’m covering the patience in fundraising. Fundraising is one of the most...

U.K. Founders Need To Focus On Building World-Class Sales Teams

Despite the dual challenges of Brexit and Covid-19, the U. K. remains one of the best places in the world to build a technology company. However, founders must learn to build...

So, You Wanna Be An Influencer?

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to LinkedinRoman Samborskyi - Adobe Stock Social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok only seem to be getting more prominent and more popular. With the pandemic,...

10 Key Steps That Will Help You Make Less Biased Decisions

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to LinkedinWe all have biases that affect our decision-making. These biases can sometimes be minor and have minimal impact, but other times they can have an...

Smooth Operation: Three Tips For Navigating Client Relationships And Managing Disagreements

Business owners need to be prepared for when things don’t go as planned, especially if an unexpected issue upsets or even angers a customer.

7 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Automate

Your time is valuable, and if you don’t treat it as such it will flitter away until there’s none left. The goal is to clear blank space to focus on big,...

Refill Please: The Rise Of Reuse Through Refilling

It's now possible to refill your plastic containers rather than bin them and there's an exciting wave of new brands and logistics companies entering the market. Who are they? How do...

Three Critical Tips For Leading Your Online Team To Success

Communication, goals and resources are necessary if you want the people working for you to succeed. 

Why This FinTech Entrepreneur Is Considered The ‘Olivia Pope Of Silicon Valley’

Jotaka Eaddy: "Regardless of political ideology and who’s in the position, most FinTech companies care about the ability to engage, be heard, and work with the CFPB leader to convey policy...

License To Earn: New Measurement Shows Licensing Restrictions Depress Wage Growth, Here’s The Solution

A new tool has been introduced by researchers at the Mercatus Center for tracking occupational licensing across states. Those with the greatest licensing restrictions have the lowest wage growth. The data...
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