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Silicon Valley has changed into a brave new world all its own. Home to some of the most successful .com’s in the world, Silicon Valley is a leader in technology and some of the best .com’s call our village home.

Silicon Valley is sometimes sophisticated, but definitely intellectual, and full of the best minds in tech.

But few know the other side of Silicon Valley.

The world of higher education, tech, banking and financial services and the best food in California, the trendiest shopping, and of course Stanford university.

For more than 31 years, Silicon Valley Reporter magazine has captured the heartbeat of Silicon Valley, trying to show all sides of our city with award-winning, and one of a kind interesting writing and groundbreaking reporting.

Our epic narratives and our deep investigative reporting we have put out through the years tell the story of the real Palo Alto. Our Palo Alto.

Our amazing and sophisticated writing helps our readers get the most out of living in the valley that’s the birthplace of tech.

Our magazine writers concentrate on the best schools and workplace that our readers vote #1, and which doctors are the best as well as our continual restaurant blog that covers which restaurants, stores, and services rank with our readers.

Pull it all together, and it’s easy to understand why our magazine is ranked one of the best in the United States, or why we’ve been named the best tech magazine by New York Metropolitan.