50 years ago, scientists made the case for a landlubbing Brontosaurus

Swamp-dweller or landlubber?Science News, January 30, 1971

Through the years paleontologists have evolved a picture of the appearance and habits of various dinosaurs…. Giant herbivores with long necks and tails, such as the Brontosaurus, have almost invariably been presented as swamp-dwelling semiaquatic animals.… A young Yale University paleontologist, however, now maintains that the anatomy of the Brontosaurus points clearly to a life on land.


Debate over whether Brontosaurus and its fellow sauropods splashed through swamps or ambled over dry land has persisted for decades. In 1971, paleontologist Robert Bakker argued for a landbound dinosaur, based on the resemblance of its nostrils to those of

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