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This post was originally published on Entrepreneur

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4 Ways to Turn Fear Into Confidence


This post was originally published on Entrepreneur

When you know yourself, other people’s insecurities can’t affect you.

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October 15, 2020 1 min read

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In this , Peter Voogd talks about an early experience of being nervous ahead of a speaking engagement and the ways he’s learned to overcome . Voogd’s four things for turning fear into confidence are:

  1. and  to get excited about what you’re creating and to consistently better your craft
  2. Shifting your circle of influence, avoiding people who are fearful or play the victim and instead surrounding yourself with positive people
  3. Strengthening your body and mind, as the effects of a workout can last for as many as 12 hours and help boost confidence
  4. Knowing yourself, understanding your strengths, vision and purpose so that others’ hatred, insecurities and expectations affect you less

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