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This post was originally published on Entrepreneur

Home Business The sale of Fud, Lala, Christmas Eve, Philadelphia, and Danone yogurts are...

The sale of Fud, Lala, Christmas Eve, Philadelphia, and Danone yogurts are prohibited


This post was originally published on Entrepreneur

The Ministry of Economy and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency found that some brands do not comply with the NOMs.

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October 14, 2020 3 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.
  • “To avoid deceiving Mexican consumers, and in order to protect their rights, the commercialization of more than 20 products called” cheese “, from 19 brands, and 2 products called” natural yogurt, “said the Secretary of Economy in a statement.

Do you consume these brands? The Ministry of Economy (SE) with the assistance of the Federal Consumer Attorney (Profeco) prohibited the sale of some cheeses and yogurts, because they do not comply with the provisions of the Official Mexican Standards (NOMs).

“Its commercialization has been carried out with prejudice and with information that can mislead consumers. Consequently, this agency ordered the immediate prohibition of its commercialization ”, explains the SE in a statement.

Among the cheese brands that were banned are: Fud, Christmas Eve, Premier Plus Cuadritos, Zwan, Little Red Riding Hood, Burr, Precissimo, Frankly, Selecto Brand, Galbani, Lala, El Parral, Portales, Walter, Sargento, Cremería Covadonga, Aurrera and Philadelphia .

According to the Secretariat, the products known as “cheese” did not comply with the following:

  • Use the legend “100% milk”, without being it.

  • Add vegetable fat to replace the milk that they should contain in their preparation.

  • Provide a lower grammage than that declared on the label as “Net Content”.

  • Not reporting on the main display area the percentage of use of caseinates for cheese making.

On the other hand, the brands of “natural yogurt” suspended for non-compliance such as additions of sugars and not complying with the minimum milk content are: Danone Bene Gastro and Danone Natural .

They also reported that the fines and measures provided for in the Quality Infrastructure Law will be imposed.



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